Wild in spirit

Julegavetips til den padle- og naturglade med filosofisk legning? Uansett, her er et godt forslag fra Frank. Følg linken nederst om du ble fristet…

Wild in Spirit is a coffee table book of adventure photography & words of redemption for the natural world.

Venturing beyond this page could be like taking that final, powerful stroke with a kayak paddle that propels you deep within a mysterious and beautiful sea cave, or those final arduous steps high on a mountainside that lead to the rooftop of the world and vistas never before seen. Many extraordinary adventures over many years produced the wide spectrum of photography presented in Wild In Sprit.

BookYet it soon became apparent that images alone told only part of the story. Thus began the seeking out and careful listening to expressions of social consequence from many cultures and centuries of time. The inspired utterances of poets, prophets, world leaders, celebrities, visionaries and passionate proponents of mother earth began to accumulate and coalesce into a common theme. Eureka moments began to occur with increasing frequency, each time a quotation and a pinnacle photographic image were joined together and magically became more lucid and persuasive than either one standing alone – what the ancients revered as conjunctivo, or sacred marriage. Thus the weaving together of epiphanies and jewels of transcendent wisdom with our most cherished and evocative photographs progressed, and ultimately became a trusted method of retelling the time-tested, universal stories in compelling new ways.

Wild In Spirit bears special homage to the cantadoras, the keepers of the old stories, who have kept alive the essential traditions and survival skills for all the centuries of humankind’s existence, simply by continuing to pass them down among their people. Another rich source of natural wisdom has been modern day wilderness and adventure travel guides, who by leading urban folks back into intimate communion with the natural world and indigenous cultures have become de facto custodians and teachers of ancient beliefs and knowledge that otherwise might be lost forever.

SashaThe heartfelt intention of this first major book from Ocean Studio is to fan into flame the spirit of wildness still smoldering deep within us all – and thereby nurture in the hearts and minds of readers, a greater understanding and empathy for the natural world. At its best, Wild In Spirit will serve as a portal through which we may pass at will to face the challenges, perils, and rewards of living life outdoors, courageously and with great purpose – a state of mind, body and spirit that the Vikings knew as friluftsliv, life outside in the free air, beneath the open sky.

Michael Powers and the Ocean Studio Alliance



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